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10. "You just have to be positive and have hope."

What we usually say: "Thank you, I'm working on it." What we are really thinking: "Thank you Yoda, Tony Robbins couldn't have said it any better. Maybe if I just think more positive thoughts. wait, happy thoughts? Then I'll leave this single world behind and then I'll leave my cares behind? (if you got the song reference good for you! Hint: Disney) I'm going to Jedi-mind trick myself into a relationship starting right now!"

Again, we don't really react that snarkily, but you have to understand that we are already working on our attitudes every single day (get the pun?). Singles deal with loneliness, rejection, abandonment, extra stress, etc. all on a weekly if not daily basis. No, we don't spend our days mopping around because we are single, but at the same time give us some credit for handling it as well as we do. You can come home from a tough day and whine to your spouse.

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