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I have been hurt and pissed that I never knew and that I still love him so much

I am deeply deeply in love with him

I have been married to my husband for 12 years and always had a happy marriage. I would thank him for our wonderful life, thank him for our relationship being solid, no trust issues, no fighting over money or our kids. He works out of town a lot and has hobbies that take hours and SugestГµes CupiDatesA I trusted him so much that I never doubted where he was or why he carried his phone everywhere with him. I have been blissfully ignorant to his affair which apparently has been going on with his ex girlfriend since the first day we met, he has been having sex with her every few months. We have a 5 yr old and I am currently 8 months pregnant and I just found that he has had a continuous 12 year affair. I confronted him and he seems remorseful that he took us for granted and doesn't want to lose his family and has already messaged the girl that he was done.

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