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24. He played things too cool at first

If this guy has no intention of becoming your boyfriend and is happy with the no-strings-attached deal he's got right now, he's not going to care too much if you see other men.

You could try casually mentioning a guy friend of yours to see what his reaction is. If he's not really interested in who this other guy is and shows no signs of jealousy, he's probably just with you for a hookup every now and then rather than having serious intentions.

If he liked you, it would be very obvious that he doesn't want you to be with anyone else but him. He might question you about other men he sees you with on social media, or ask who someone is when you bring them up in conversation.

22. The sex lacks real intimacy.

You might have great sexual chemistry and feel a lot of sexual tension, but that doesn't always translate into true intimacy in the bedroom.

Let's face it, even a one night stand can feel passionate and exciting, but the best sex involves a deeper connection.

If there is little to no kissing, he avoids looking you in the eyes while having sex, and it feels more like a f*ck than making love, you have to ask whether he's truly into you.

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