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Try to get some goodness into our overall relationship

He came back to apologize and gave me a janky proposal to marry him. I feel literally like a complete fool now because I agreed to marry him. I knew 100% that was not true but that's the story he wanted to roll with. Fast forwarding, past finding out about those photos, he repeatedly lied about everything else I found out about and eventually I discovered he had several women's addresses and even a hotel visit that was over 2 hours long that he tried to keep hidden. That's when he completely cast all blame on me- I was doing this or that for him, they gave him the attention he wanted, I wasn't doing my job, everything you could think of he was saying to me!

I know I love him so much but to keep enduring this pain and then the pain of being blindsided by blame and deceit is seriously beyond painful

This man threw my engagement ring in the trash then repurchased a ring and surprised me with it and 2 days later cheated on me with some whore who lived at Newburgh Square Apts! I'm not sure what to do exactly. I'm not sure if I should just divorce him and move on. It feels like something isn't allowing me to just close my eyes against whatever this stronghold is and leave him. He takes NO ACCOUNTABILITY at all for what he has done and caused in my life. Let alone time I can't get back! Now being married to him all he does is my pain is self inflicted and that it's my fault because I think whatever thoughts I think.

All that hiding his phone and spending unnecessary time in the basement randomly is bothering me. I tell him I want us to be aligned with one another, work on our marriage.

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