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Although it certainly reminds of Beckett, there's none of his surreal humour here, but rather an overwhelming intensity

And it happened to be you

A few months later, "Crave" was performed in Edinburgh: a 'choral monologue' of four different voices belonging to one and the same mind, fragmented and tormented, whose effect on the reader is utterly bewildering. In writing this play, Kane drew heavily from her history of mental issues, failed relationships, family conflicts, but also from the juvenile religious fervour she had rejected in her early twenties, the traces of which are to be found in the biblical images and quotes (Job, Psalms, the Gospels and even A. Crowley) that form the evanescent texture of this dialogue/soliloquy. It's an unsettling, intensely poetic experience, messed up, chaotic and visceral as only the human mind can be.

You can only hope she was smiling while doing so, but you'll never really know, nobody ever will

To crown it all, her posthumously performed masterpiece, "4.48 Psychosis".

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