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Tips for Creating and Sustaining Relationships in College

The expectations of hookup culture can lead to problematic behaviors in relationships, like expectations of sex and non-exclusivity, which can be hard to break.

The expectation of hookup culture in college can also make people who are in relationships feel judged. Katie is in a long-distance relationship with her partner of almost a year, and she says people often look down on her or say she is doing something wrong for staying in the relationship, thinking she should be single in college instead.

However, Katie has realized “it's important to stay true to you and be honest with yourself. And if you're happy in a relationship, you can still be very fulfilled with your college experience.”

The prevalence of hookup culture can also make it difficult for some students to find meaningful, serious relationships in the first place. “There is this tendency for people to not want to put a label on things because that might make it seem so serious or put too much pressure on a relationship.

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