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Here are the best dating apps in Italy

Far are the times of love letters and ringing voids on mobile phones: love in the era of smartphones also passes through applications. Here are the best dating apps out there.

Our list of the best dating apps

Only those who have never written love letters are really funny. So sang Roberto Vecchioni in 1995. A verse that today seems light years away since the art of courtship has definitely changed, whether it is for better or for worse is not up to us to judge. In any case, the dating apps are now, fortunately, cleared through customs. Initially they were viewed with some mistrust, but now we can finally come out and say that at least once we have tried them all. Yes ok, it was just because I lost a bet (let's pretend to believe it). But now enough digress: what are the best dating apps? Here is our very personal selection.

Tinder: let's get rid of this weight right away, we all know that this name would have appeared on the list. Tinder is probably the most popular of the dating apps, thanks to its simple and, in recent months, innovative mechanism. Yes, because although the mechanics are the same that at the time made the success of apps like hot or not, Tinder managed to introduce interesting innovations such as Swipe Night and the brand new Year in a Swipe. For those who have never tried it – of course, right, wink – Tinder works like this: the app offers you random profiles, of potential partners more or less close to you, and you can decide which person shown interests you or not. If both profiles show mutual interest there is a match.

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