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Kaifeng is the birthplace of Song dynasty culture, which is also the theme of the scenic area

The actual name of “Granny Wang from Kaifeng” is Zhao Mei, a 61-year-old performer from the Dasong Wuxia City (?????) scenic area at Wansui Mountain. “Granny Wang's Matchmaking” was meant to be a programme that introduces everyday life in Kaifeng during the Song dynasty to visitors, but Zhao took the initiative to add matchmaking elements to it.

pared with dating agencies that charge tens of thousands of dollars for their services, Granny Wang's no-cost, on-the-spot matchmaking really makes people more trusting and relaxed, creating the heartwarming feeling that “everything is done with our best interests at heart”. - netizens

In February, the scenic area had invited various bloggers to experience what Wuxia City had to offer, and the lively and energetic “Granny Wang's Matchmaking” programme stood out, attracting netizens' attention.

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