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My girlfriend and I (yes, online dating worked eventually, thank you very much!

Also get some new male friends. Those types of comments have a solid leg mired in misogyny, you deserve better then that. posted by Dynex at AM on [1 favorite]

I understand the temptation - when I was looking for a partner online, I was tempted to lie about my age myself because I don't feel my age is a very useful data point about me. I do look younger than my age (but then everyone thinks that, don't they?) but primarily because my course through life has simply not been like that of most of my age cohort. I haven't had the same life experiences someone of my age would be expected to have, and am not at the same "stage of life" if you will. It was very frustrating to know that I was getting lumped in with other people of my age while I had very little in common with most of them.

However, I concluded that it was simply dishonest to lie about it, and I didn't want to start a relationship on a foundation of lies.

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