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Exactly how each society describes wedding, yet not, may differ a lot more, we

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Relationship is showed since a cultural universal on A track out of Freeze and you can Fire books: all community across the understood industry has many sort of they. age., certain cultures behavior polygamous marriage ceremonies however, others do not.

Not much might have been said towards event from the religion of your Sunken God. All of that could have been said are passageway mention one ong the newest ironborn try officiated by the Drowned Men priests - and therefore marriage ceremonies getting "sodium spouses" was "even less solemn" than the ceremony for an effective lord's first, "rock" wife. Brand new ironborn seem to do not have "temples" otherwise religious formations, however, conduct spiritual rituals for the coastlines of your sea - like Theon's baptism so you're able to reaffirm their faith found in publication/Season 2. It seems probable that wedding parties among the many ironborn are also presented towards the beaches of the sea, and possibly include wading with the h2o, etcetera.

The wedding garments are also filled that have definition: new bride-to-be are wear dark red veils over a good tokar off light cotton, fringed which have child pearls

In the Lord from Light faith, the wedding service is conducted by a reddish Priest (otherwise Red-colored Priestess), and you will requires the groom and bride jumping more than a low bonfire which had been set in a beneficial forget.

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