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You might not wanna use the sex swing if you've got any instability

Rebecca Gillett: We have a segment where listeners can ask questions, and we post it on social media. We did post some questions and say, "What questions would you have for our experts?" And, you know, I'm not surprised that we didn't get a lot of questions, because I think people are afraid to post those questions publicly. One person said, "Good topic. What are some positions that those of us with arthritis should avoid?" She has osteoarthritis.

Iris, I love what you said

Victoria Ruffing, RN-BC: If you have osteoarthritis, then you may have had a hip replacement or a knee replacement. And obviously, or hopefully, your physical therapist has told you to what degree that joint should go. And taught you some precautions for those joints. So, you don't wanna go beyond that. Think back to what your physical therapist may have told you. Positions to avoid? I can't think offhand of what to avoid, except if it makes you uncomfortable, avoid it.

Victoria Ruffing, RN-BC: If there's discomfort involved, you don't want to do something that's really hurting your hips or hurting your knees. One thing to remember is, you do not have to be an acrobat. Nobody needs you to be an acrobat. It may look good on TV, but that is not happening.

I mean, there's “Shades of Gray.” There's no spontaneous “it's on,” the candles are there, and there's (laughing) the great music and everything, because the kids are knocking at the door, the dogs are barking, you're falling off the bed, somebody's farting.

Iris Zink, NP: It's just never works out like that. That's why having a sense of humor is so important. I would say the same thing for osteoarthritis, there's no position that is taboo or that you shouldn't do. It's about doing stuff that doesn't cause you to have intense nerve pain going down your legs.

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