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3 Situational Factors That May Look Like Cheating (But They Are Not)

You may start to notice that your partner acts differently in terms of finances. They may refuse to discuss this topic with you, not show you their bank statements when asked, and even go to strange lengths to lie about where the money is going.

Of course, there is some understanding of privacy in financial matters. However, if you and another person are in a relationship and live in the same home, being unable to converse about financial matters is a big red flag for potential cheating.

2. Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating is often described as having an emotional bond with someone in the sense that you have a romantic relationship with them. However, you simply do not partake in sex or other sexual activities with them.

A person who is cheating on their partner in an emotional sense may lie about the relationship that they have with the person.

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