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The horror of nazis marching in your hometown is greater than just “Nazis!

”. It's knowing that spaces that you identify with don't actually belong to you in any concrete way. They aren't magically safe just because of familiarity. Psychological horror is about your mind betraying you. Body horror is about your body betraying you. Cosmic horror is about God betraying you. Nazi horror is about your home betraying you.

There were good parts of the experience, though. Most of the experience was just waiting. Four hours of waiting. Even next to that horror, people found each other in the boredom and talked. I met up with some college boys who gave me a shield and engaged with me in some drills. Someone handed out free ice-cream. Someone had dressed the pioneer statues up with black and red bandanas and black and red flags. It was the first time that I had gotten to talk with a great mass of other radicals.

I saw some action

It wasn't all waiting, though. It was fantastic, though I shan't be saying more about it here. That counter-protest got kettled at the end. I wasn't there for that. I left barely 15 minutes before that because I'd been watching the police redo their formations for another 15 minutes before that. I'd gotten my hits in already, after all.

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