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If only we could move gay guys . .

Ok, that's a touch of an overstatement. To be honest he's a journalist and then he are performing undercover, posing due to the fact a guilt-afflicted homosexual on a meeting titled Like Won Aside. The organizers, the newest far-proper Tx-oriented Christian classification Concentrate on the Family relations, allege homosexuality try "both preventable and curable," and you will David wished to see whether they certainly were proper.

His point would be to establish a story about this as opposed to in reality become deprogrammed -- but which knew? Even after their doubt concerning the medication, discover constantly a chance he might miraculously become "cured" of exactly what, to possess your, could have been a great lifelong status.

I, for one, is actually all of the for it. David try extreme and you can good looking and you will wise and you can dress-soakingly funny. He loves to look for asia and you will moving in order to Madonna. Once we flew together, he informed me the guy appreciated me personally each day.

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