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What are the Four Temperament Personality Types?

“What did the online personality type say to the doctor after running some tests? Is this going to be viral?” – Comedian unknown

Personality jokes aside if, at some point in your life, you have ever wondered what your personality type is, then you must have taken a Personality test. Now, there are tonnes of personality questionnaires and tests available online but the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is probably the most widely used personality test in the world.

It's also one of the most regularly debunked even though about 2 million people take it annually. It is believed that these tests are based on some long-standing myths about what personality really is and how we can measure it.

A personality test can give you a great deal of insight into the core components that make up who you are. Personality is a thing that individuals informally assess and describe every day. During interactions, people frequently refer to different characteristics of an individual's personality.

Your job depends on it, your marriage compatibility gets a cue from it. But are personality tests still valid? Most personality assessment instruments are in fact introspective. Personality tests use questionnaires as a data collection method to know more about your personality type, your intelligence, your interpersonal skills, and more!

What is a Personality Test?

A personality test is any of a series of standardized tests designed to accurately and consistently measure personality. It is simply a way to assess an individual's personality construct. Most personality tests are coined into introspective self-report questionnaire measures from life records such as ratings.

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