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But in March he ended up switching careers and couldn't handle a relationship

Lemon meringue pie – He messaged me on Okcupid. He seemed super nice, intelligent, but was a little bit of a pretty boy. He asked me for my phone number and then called (yes, called. He said texting was too impersonal) to set up the first date. We met for coffee, but it was nothing special. Neither of us tried to talk to each other again

Vanilla cupcake – I was a little hesitant about responding to his message on Okcupid. He seemed like a funny, but quirky guy. He asked for my number and then after a few text conversations, we met for dinner. I knew from the start it was not going anywhere. He was shorter than me (which isn't a deal breaker, but doesn't help) and was incredibly awkward and couldn't keep a conversation.

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