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What takes place when guys within the straight relationships give the lady brand new reins — in slight and you may tall suggests

In a severe manage feminine-contributed matchmaking, the brand new lady will require towards the a dominating role in every respect regarding existence. Vincent Besnault/Getty Photo

  • Inside a woman-added dating, brand new woman sometimes accept a more dominant part.
  • Discover amounts of FLRs, of lowest manage in order to the full-blown, 24/seven stamina gamble.
  • Good FLR is actually a method to have partners so you can flip the new program and you will lets each other partners so you can department aside.

Old-fashioned public norms inform us one to, inside the a partnership anywhere between a person who refers to because the a man and someone who describes since a lady, the person should "don new jeans" - but it doesn't have to be this way.

Note: That it title has actually usually been utilized particularly to describe heterosexual dating between a man and you can a woman, it are going to be adjusted to refer to virtually any relationship in which the female-distinguishing companion requires top honors.

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