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I thought they had pushed his cousin onto him so I would leave

Honestly ladies, I had thought my parent inlaws had caused the almost breakup of my marriage, because I was Cazaque mulheres namoro site em eua never quite what they wanted for their son. Turned out they were so angry with my h, and even moreso with her. They cant believe that the ow, their family tried to break my family. They even told my h he should be with his w. That was the first time, I saw his parents in a different light. For the better not worse, I honestly thought they would have been rejoicing. Turned out it was just the aunties, uncles and cousins that were rejoicing over my betrayal.

Carol, I'm curious, how did your father's cheating finally play out? I am here to tell you if my parents found out I did that, especially with a five year old child, there would have been hell to pay. My parents are dead so my husband dealt with no negative consequences.

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