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In my opinion this can be among I like Lucy's weak ones full

Occurred to look at so it occurrence now while preparing food. Whenever i like many Lucy symptoms a great deal, this was one of many stinkers in terms of total laughs, with the exception of that world.

The newest area relates to Lucy's you will need to let an elderly neighbors lady (played by Bea Benadaret, who had no dated-age make-up, and you will whose make an effort to portray an old woman consisted of talking that have a beneficial crotchety voice while wearing "grandma servings." Elderly people neighbors are infatuated into local grocer, played by Edward Everett Horton.

As well timid to inquire your to come more than for supper, your woman composed an email you to definitely she wanted Lucy to call home into guy. Lucy help Ricky understand the fresh invitation. Ricky seemed struggling to comprehend the difference between merely getting an effective notice in one person to another type of, and you may "matchmaking"--in which Lucy is actually seeking arrange a conference between people instead of sometimes of those first in search of a meeting.

To locate Lucy so you can consent not to deliver the notice, Ricky literally took their particular over his knee and you will first started softly spanking their particular on the rear. Next world first started having Lucy rubbing her tail such as for instance she was rise, saying she popular never to remain for some time.

Here Ricky comes up, aware of what is going on, however, to Lucy's studies, maybe not part of the latest pretending to the grocer

Which led, needless to say, to help you Lucy overlooking Ricky's commands and you may providing the grocer the fresh new notice.

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