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The internet is abuzz with stories about her, as if everything were happening today

So much close scrutiny, and none of it much help to posterity

Anne Boleyn, in particular, is a figure who elicits a deep response, born out of ignorance often enough but also out of empathy. Her real self is hidden within the dramas into which we co-opt her. There is a prurient curiosity around her, of the kind that gathered around Wallis Simpson. Henry didn't give up the throne to marry her, but he did reshape his nation's history. So what was her particular attraction? A special trick? Was she beautiful, or ugly? The six fingers with which she was credited were not seen during her lifetime, and the warts and wens and extra nipple that supposedly disfigured her were witches' marks produced by the black fantasy of Catholic propagandists. Her contemporaries didn't think she was a great beauty. ‘She is of middling stature', a Venetian diplomat reported. A ‘swarthy complexion, long neck, wide mouth, bosom not much raised, and in fact has nothing but the English king's great appetite, and her eyes, which are black and beautiful'. It was said, though not by unbiased observers, that after her marriage she aged rapidly and grew thin. If this is true, and we put it together with reports of a swelling in her throat, and with the description of her by one contemporary as ‘a goggle-eyed whore', then we're looking, possibly, at a woman with a hyperthyroid condition, a woman of frayed temper who lives on the end of her nerves.

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