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However, We nevertheless preferred it some extent

If in case looked at with that perspective, Eve arrives regarding because a fascinating, strong reputation

I do believe that it event is a little much better than this is usually provided borrowing getting, whether or not will still be not all that great. Yes, its message try kinda muddled (har har) with this past world indicating you to definitely charm try inside you, so long as your own interior beauty magically produces make-up.

For one thing, I really like that which event reveals place so you're able to become a boundary. From inside the TNG, everything is kinda sterilized. Bashir and so additional within the DS9 generated statements about precisely how they were from the edge of society or any within the year 1, but seriously Bajor wasn't most roughing it. Right here even when, brand new mines is actually certainly harmful, unpleasant, along with couple niceties. Eve described their homeworld because the only persistence without candidates.

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