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Under Bumble rules, once I swipe right and if they have previously swiped right themselves, we immediately match

This number of potential matches is in a circle with a blurred photo behind it. After a while, I realized this blurred photo is the profile photo of one of the people who has swiped right to you. which is where this blogpost is leading. This isn't “Bird Box,” I'm not blind, and I can match blurred shadows with people's profiles to realize who has swiped to me.

The woman then has 24 hours to message me: she must initiate the convo. Then I have another 24 hours to respond. (If I swipe right and she hasn't previously swiped right or, Gabriel forbid, she swiped left, I'll never know - until she swipes right in the future and we magically match.)

? The general consensus seemed to be swipe left if you're not that close or swipe right if you think you'd match “as a joke.” Indeed, Sara and I once matched on Tinder and made hang out plans by texting via the app. Such innocent days, amirite? Oh, and if you actually like your friend on the app - maybe consider addressing that in person and not by swipe?

Once or twice I matched with someone who I sorta knew, but not well enough that I should've swiped right, and then we never messaged. My big epiphany was that I'd never made a move otherwise toward these people; I just wanted to see how they felt late one Thursday while on Hinge and that justified nothing. I still didn't feel like making an actual move- but my esteem felt validated as should theirs!

A week later, a similar scenario played out on Bumble proving this was not a one-time problem

Which brings us to this fall. While swiping, “Chloe” appeared on my Bumble screen. I immediately recognized Chloe - we had met in the spring at an influencer event, she was a friend of a friend, and she had followed me on Instagram ever since.

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