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We engage in loving relationships and abusive ones too!

When you know someone is gay don't jump straight to the sex bit

Could it be because my generation is still in a different mindset to the youth of today where its okay to be gay? Could it be that era we grew up in has taught us to think of us as deviant, odd, queer?

I am not deviant, I human. I have feelings like any other human being on the planet. We hurt, we bleed, we cry, we laugh, we rejoice, we feel sad, happy, excited sexy Gora girl, hopeful. We can now get married and have children, we can also experience any other feeling that is known to man, we experience just as heterosexuals do. Why is this such a strange concept for society to take in? Or should I say my generation? Did my friend not see this? This part of her friend? Did she only see two women engaging in sex and that is what caused her to feel ill? Yes of course that happens but it is not who and what we are. We are not defined by who we have sex with. We, my community is so much more than that. We are people, no different from anyone else with regard to trying to find and make our way in life.

Being gay is NOT about having sex with someone of the same gender

So the point of this blogg. See the person for who they are, don't define them by their sexual encounters. Yes we identify as gay due to our sexual orientation but we are not all about the sex.

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