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Adolescent girls are particularly at risk of unintended pregnancies and you can maternal morbidity and death, and additionally sequelae due to hazardous abortions. Younger moms and dads normally have to end the degree, limiting employment opportunities as the people. Regulations that ensure and you may boost adolescents' access to birth prevention pointers and properties can lessen these types of health insurance and social trouble. This particular article explores the Philippines' the fresh new reproductive fitness rules, Finest Judge rulings, and you can associated policies effect on the specific requires regarding teens.

Certainly feminine anywhere between age fifteen–19, 10.1% declaration being expecting into the 2013, up regarding six.5% inside the 1993. The new annual beginning rate inside age group enjoys stayed nearly lingering within the last twenty years- out-of fifty births for every 1000 from inside the 1993 in order to 57 when you look at the 2013. Within the clear contrast, some other age groups filed constant e period. . The country's adolescent birth price is currently higher than an average away from 40 each 1000 into the South east Asian region and you can 15 for each 1000 with the Western Pacific area .

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