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I'm also going to break them down into two subtypes

This is a theme that comes up frequently in testimonies about box-ticking operations and even more so in the corporate sector than in government

Box-tickers are a little similar to duct-tapers, in that they're really about substituting one thing for another: though, in this case, box-tickers are about substituting appearances for results, rather than labor for capital. Either way, they're still “employees who exist only or primarily to allow an organization to be able to claim it is doing something that, in fact, it is not doing.” The simple truth here is that it's sometimes cheaper to act like you're doing something plenty of fish za stvarno than to actually do that thing and that sometimes you really can get away with it. To anti-statists, the existence of type 2s might seem like a great indictment of the state - ‘look!

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