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Metaphorically, the lyrics can be interpreted as a battle between devotion and sexuality

Black Kobzar Perhaps, the best definition of Vehemence Realized music will be "melancholic urban gothic music". Michael Otley, whose timbre reminds that of Ian Curtis', sings truly sad but fortunately not depressively: you want to live. The music seems to be the golden mean between the usage of live instruments and electronics though non-live drums sound absolutely dead here and there. A simple trumpet - Bach Strad - but Nathan Roane who played on it, seems to be an uncommon man. The most delicate sounding of his trumpet is the soul of Vehemence Realized. You would compare "Severe" to the early works of Death In June, without a doubt; you can put equals sign between the tranquillity of VR and that of DIJ but Douglas' tranquillity is out-of-body and Michael and Nathan's there are strong but well-controlled feelings are hiding under the calmness. The big city, at night, under the rain, the steps of passersby are barely heard, the solitude? Anton Shekhovtsov

Gothic Topic Vehemence Realized is a dark and moody amalgamation of musical sound and sampled effects to fully please the most die-hard gothic fan. There is a tight control on the vocals and mixing which makes this recording sound like a major studio production. A number of horn instruments are utilized throughout this work to provide a Day Of The Dead sensibility that is celebrated annually in Mexico. Since the release of Severe, T. Nathan Roane has left the band with Otley now carrying the entirety of the band's future. Roane's numerous wind instruments play like a premonitory farewell to this outfit, thereby making the music that much more macabre and bittersweet. Drum pummels are like hammers against a coffin. The vocals are carefully placed between the channels to provide a different sound through each ear, which is most apparent while wearing the headset.

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